Saturday, February 26, 2005

Do You Google ??

Well.. All of us would say ofcourse !!! several times a day.. but most of us do not use its power. forget about using, most of us are not even aware of it. At least I was not until a few days back :-)

1. You can search for all the related words by using keyword search i.e by prefixing the word with ~. So searching for '~travel' will return the results for travel, vacation, hotel etc.

2. Google ignores some common words like I, who, what, how etc. If you want that they must be included in the search, you must prefix that with '+'.

3. Similarly if you want to exclude some word from the search, you should prefix that with '-'.

4. normally google searches for the web pages but if you want it to search only for a particular file type, you can search using 'filetype:[type]'. For example if you want to search 'EJB Specification' and only pdf, then search for "EJB Specification filetype:pdf"

5. ofcourse we know how to search something in a particular site. thanks to google toolbar.. You can also do that using 'site:[domain]' or site:[home url]

So if you want to search something in all the 'edu' site you can search using e.g 'SHA-1 broken'

Similarly, if you want to search something on java Sun website, you can use ''

6. What if you want only those results where the word appears in the title. or those where the word appears only in links.. you can do these
allintitle:[word1][word2]... here results will have all the words in the title

7. Do you want to know which all pages link up to your website? very simple .. google up "link:[ur website]"
This will show all the pages who have links to your website

8. In the search box, when you type something what if it suggests you what you are looking for.. Just like code-completion in IDEs.
Cool.. ehh!!!
try this out.

9. You found a page which you found interesting. And you want to search other similar sites. Google up "related:[site]" e.g ""

10. You wanted to search some thing and you were not able to locate anything. Now you have some one at your service (courtesy google) who will do
all the research for you (ofcourse for some price ;-)) and give you the answer you wanted.
check out

Happy Googling..

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

weekend in NewYork

I am here in newton (near Boston) for the induction programme of Macromedia and having good time :-)
Spent the last weekend in NY city with khandi, gurdeep and aman. Undoubtedly NY is the best city in the world. You just feel that you are in a completely different world. (and for a change I had not seen so many people together in US).
Some pics here.. See more of it here


Thanks to Ramesh, Rajiv and Sachin for introducing me to the blogging world... but i was too lazy to create one for myself.. and ofcourse was busy reading thier blogs ;-) Finally after months of laziness I created one :-) Hope i don't get too lazy this time. hehehe